20 August 2012, Artikel
METRO Won a Bunch of Awards
METRO , a film I made with my pro-status-animating brother, has won a bunch of awards and is now available for online viewing. I feel so happy about all this that I've made all of my sheet music available for free! Enjoy.
27 September 2011, Artikel
We Remember September 11
Marvin Rosen of WPRB finished a project today which was one of the greatest exhibitions of contemporary music in the modern age. For twenty-four consecutive hours he hosted a radio broadcast of music written specifically to commemorate the events of September 11th, 2001. Obviously, none of the music was more than ten years old. For a compilation of classical music, that is quite the achievement—usually with classical music, centuries are the smallest unit of measurement. Some pieces were hot off the ...
08 Juli 2011, Artikel
A Theory of Music: The Historical Art
Every art has its own relationship with history. Literature is stuffed with allusions to previous works. Visual art, in a sense, preserves history by catching a solitary moment and freezing it indefinitely. All music turns to the past. Once a melody has been written down, it becomes one of the most authentic ways to transport us back in time. The tint in a painting may fade over time, language changes over the centuries, but once we have a written record of music, it stays more or less the ...
08 Juli 2011, Artikel
A Theory of Music: The Most Abstract of Arts
The great music theorists have written extensively on the mechanics of music--cadences, counterpoint, chord progressions, etc.  But I feel that there has been some negligence in regard to a more general theory of music.  So I'd like to start a series of essays that focus on the nature of music and provide a more philosophical approach than what has been traditionally granted this most ethereal and elusive of arts.  In this first essay, I will examine music's abstractness. I submit ...